Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizabeth Malaska, East Bay Body Tales Ongoing Group

 (written during a Body Tales class, March 7, 2007)

blood bloody
flowing water to the pain
pain of our mothers
who are walking on
bloody ground

the blood and guts are on my hands
white spring blossoms
yellow young tree

the dappled sunlight under the birch trees
is sunlight streaming
into the lonely house
of jewels falling to earth

green dancing grass
the blood of our mothers
her rape
my pain
a jewel falling to earth
splitting into a million tiny
guts on my hands

hello fathers
father politic
get yer feathers
away from my cunt
jesus loved the ladies
inside a deer's body
its guts are spilling
jewels falling to earth
like the time i hit a deer and we skinned it in the headlights making love to you on our birthday sister snakeskin here we are alone together again making love in the blood on the road in the yellow light of the car. a swerving will hit us clean and the coyotes will eat our bodies ass first. you can go in through the heart. heart beat blood pain mother lover father daughter sex with self and with each other alive forever alive forever alone forever together supporting the wholeness and wellness. forever. how can i heal the earth? how can i heal myself, my wounded self?