Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pamela Astarte, East Bay Body Tales Ongoing Group

(written during a Body Tales class, March 7, 2007)

Use my words
Must Speak
Don't be afraid
Allow for illusion
Get off your knees
Silent Speech
All is darkness
Must choose
Defeat or Adventure?
Leave the country
Find peace
In the high desert air
Watch breathless
The cristalline pink sunrise
Dive into warm salty water

Where are the Sacred rocks?
You're sitting on them
In Stillness
There is my strength
Who am I?
Where is home?
Home is where I can finally let go
and feel truly held
What voices do I hear?
Which ones will I listen to
In deep appreciation?
I listen to those who practice kindness
It's Spring
Time to Play
Lying on the ground
Looking up at clouds
Warm bodies touching
Deep Sensuality
Let the sap of summer
Run down your thighs
Feel Joy!