Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nicki Koethner, 9-month group participant

(written February 3, 2007 during a Body Tales class)

Being the woman I wanna be from moment to moment

Internal time,
Gently sustaining balance
While internal representation brings forth expansion
And abundance.
Presence through genuine open communication.
Gentle clean openness …
Not bending but mending.
No Must’s or Should’s
But gentle discipline with compassion.
Example Embodiment.
Focusing and coming from within. 

The path of the heart - the path of the warrior
No shame or guilt
Moralistic dogmas left behind.
Instead embrace and allowing
change and healing.
No haste – no waste.
Internal rest,
Well-spring of joy
Gathering strength.
Maia – illumination.
Peace within.

Fly within

Opening to the calling
of the moment.
And let go
Don’t be afraid.
Let it out and contain.
Strengthening the inner core-
Knowing there is more
Behind this door.
Allow the unknown
To manifest.
No always’ and nevers
Yet some patterns can be seen.
The beauty of the uniqueness of
Our being.