Comments from the Sebastopol Body Tales fundraising performance

Here are a some notes on the Sebastopol Body Tales fundraising performance in July organized by Ayne Shore -- a graduate of the BT Performance Training.  The four performers were all grads of our 2007-2008 Performance Training.

Notes from Ayne:
I got a little addendum to the performance experience this evening when I saw some people for the first time since last Saturday. People really loved the show and the form.
One person talked about how much our blessing and thanking each other after each piece was as much a part of the performance for him as the rest of it and how he appreciated so much our explaining at the beginning what we were doing on the sidelines.

Another person said she was completely into every single piece that we each did, waiting with anticipation to see what we brought forth.

Someone else was really touched by the personal nature of it and the risk we took to be ourselves and express what we did. She actually told a client of hers about one of the pieces and it was very inspirational to her client.

Next BT performance is Sunday, Oct 19, 4 pm at Western Sky Studio, 2525 8th St, Berkeley.

Quenching a particular human thirst

Rain in June. Sweet. And so rare here. I smell and taste soft silver wet air soothing me into that particular kind of breathing available only when a veil of rain touches and rests everywhere ­-- when the thirst of skin, leaf, ground and air is quenched.

I hear sirens, the endless sound waves from Highway 580, bird songs, a pack of children at play outdoors, sounding surprisingly like birds flocking to sunset prayer.

I am touched to be writing this bit of public letter from the heart of my private life, as full of its longings and demands as it is of its dreams, passions, and prayers...prayers for help in valuing and tending life, dance, body, family, world…our embodied stories...

With humans, stories matter. Stories carry our all ­ past, present, seeds for the future.