Solo Movement Theater piece with Craig Landry

I am truly delighted to be performing Sunday January 19th, 3pm with master improviser Craig Landry! 
Craig and I will each create a totally improvised 30 - 40 minute Solo Movement Theater piece! 
We warmly invite you to come witness this Feat! 
Western Sky Studio, 2525 - 8th St, Berkeley. Suggested Donation $12 - $21. Wheelchair Accessible - No Reservations Needed.

New Year's blessings to each of you and your beloveds - with deep gratitude for our embodied practices & creative communities!

Eden Lani Castro's article about Body Tales

"Compassion for my own experience emerged as my body moved and made sounds with a life and purpose of her own" (More)

Body Tales at JFK University - Michael Cavanaugh's paper

Body Tales introduced me to a new way of experiencing myself and the world around me. Learning to witness has altered how I interact with others and given me a new appreciation for the depth and complexity of each person. Witnessing has also taught me to be more present with another person while making still my own internal machinations. The processes of grounding, sounding, letting my body speak, journaling from the body and witnessing have given me a more profound sense and understanding of my own body and my relationships with others, work, family and the earth.

In learning to connect with my own body and letting it speak I became friends with a stranger silenced for too long.  My body had (has) a long list of complaints arising from its marginalized status in my ego.  What follows is my body speaking to me.

A Letter to Me from my Body 

Dear Michael, Please know that for so much of your life you have ignored me.  You use me as a tool, as a means of performing labor and forget that I experience pain, pleasure, need for fun activities and rest.  You have relied on my strength and agility for employment and sometimes to impress others.  You have even used me to attract companionship.  But you spend all your time talking and forget that touching and being touched is in my realm, not your mind’s.  
I’m glad your allies were often other mammals so you could learn again what you knew as a small child.  I like the warmth, company and touch of other mammals.  In fact I need it, I need to receive it and share it back.
You eat to distract your mind from nervousness or boredom, but not when I tell you I’m hungry.  You force me to digest food I don’t want and other times you starve me when I need energy.  Please learn to listen to me when I’m thirsty and hungry and tired.  For so long you have let your brain and anxieties make these decisions, but your brain doesn’t know what I need.  I do and you need to learn to listen.


The gifts of Body Tales: blog posting and photos from the latest retreat

Carmen Serber shares her experience with Body Tales as a member of the monthly group and one of the participants in our delightful July retreat at her blog, planetcarmen 

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